All the doom and gloom of the politicos, experts and media mobs got you down? Take a break. There’s real people doing great things. In the last week:


Health experts testified to Congress it could be a year or more before there’s a vaccine for Coronavirus. A San Diego company ran the virus DNA through its system and had a vaccine in 3 hours.

Yes, testing still takes months, but as they get better at this it’ll take less — way less time. Instead of months or years, vaccines could be in distribution in days.

Clean Power

Electricity out of thin air — New technology from UMass Amherst generates electricity ‘out of thin air’ by attaching electrodes to an electrically conductive protein produced by a microbe – Geobacter – that makes it from the water vapor naturally present in the atmosphere (even in the Sahara desert).


Gravity to store energy (subscription)– Forget using batteries made from mining the limited supply of rare earth metals we have to store solar and wind energy. These guys are using cranes, dirt and some awesome AI that uses gravity to store and expend energy.

Space Exploration

Not only are there dozens of commercial spaceflight companies doing everything from lobbing little satellites into low Earth orbit to building habitats for moon and Mars colonization, but they’re hiring. You can actually work in space exploration and be one of the people that helps make our species something more than a lifeform clinging to a speck of dust flying through the universe.

Plus, you can finally give the perfect gift for the person who has everything.

Ignore the nattering nabobs of negativism and kudos to everyone who’s working in energy, medicine, science and technology. Despite what you hear, you’re making the world a better place. You’re awesome and we’ll all be just fine.

And for the rest of you, we live in interesting times. Enjoy them.