About Me

I’m seasoned marketer with an extensive background as a technology executive, tech founder, and independent consultant.

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I have 25+ years hands-on experience in technology and technology-enabled companies. I can identify market opportunities (and obstacles), help investment messaging, build and execute go-to-market strategies. No matter what the product requirements, challenges or business goals, I’ve been there and succeeded.

My unique experience means I’m not only business savvy, but an insider with an outsider’s perspective and deep expertise in the market psychology that builds successful brands and develops dedicated customers.

Tech Savvy

With technology, especially new technology and the services it enables, successful marketing requires an understanding of what the technology is, and why it’s superior to other solutions. Without it, it’s impossible to effectively persuade your audience.

I don’t believe in rattling off jargon and power words with the hope that it will have an impact on someone. I’m technically astute and believe in understanding how the technology works and for whom it was developed so that I can create persuasive messaging that gets prospect’s attention and turns them into customers.

Practical & Successful

Even a stellar marketing program won’t work if you can’t execute on it. My methodologies and programs are straight-forward and tailored for your business goals and the skill-sets of the personnel and tools available.

From enterprise cybersecurity and business technology, to mobile apps and award-winning craft beer, my clients enjoy a level of success few others do. I’ve helped grow dozens of companies, played a key role in six mergers and acquisitions, and been part of two NASDAQ IPOs.

My Services

Research & Consulting

Sometimes things seem clear, but you need an outside perspective to help you along. As an expert in the tech arena, my research and consulting services can help discover market opportunities, identify competitive threats, and develop systems and strategies for success using the resources and people already present within your organization.

Services include:

  • Market Research and Assessment
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Sales and Channel Strategy

Program Development

A rock-solid marketing program is key to sales and success, but developing that program and putting the tools and systems in place to make it work is time-consuming and potentially wasteful if you’re not sure how to do it.

Over my 25+ years in the business, I’ve developed and helped execute hundreds of highly successful marketing programs returning an average of 15x on the investment.

Services include:

  • Brand Strategy, Positioning and Messaging
  • Go-to-market program development
  • Channel Program Development
  • Marketing Program Toolkit Development
  • Marketing Process Adoption & Team Training

Marketing Communications

Whether you’re looking to create a MarComm program from scratch, or looking improve on what’s already in place, I can help.

As a veteran marketer with a background in writing and content development, as well as long experience in multi-channel optimization and integration, I can quickly develop the right messaging and put it to work as a multi-pronged communications program that amplifies and reinforces your marketing, driving lead creation and sales efforts.

Services include:

  • Marketing Communications Content Development (advertising email marketing, PR, social media, speaking & trade shows)
  • Marketing Toolkit Development & Automation
  • Metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Development & Execution

Fractional / Interim Executive

Sometimes you need dedicated marketing leadership, but you only need it for a limited time. For example, maybe you need a senior-level person to manage the creation or improvement of your marketing programs and execution, but want to be able to use a less expensive to operate the program day-to-day. Or, maybe you’re planning a major business move such as raising new investment, entertaining and M&A, or exploring a sale, and you need to polish your company’s market perception and maximize its value.
Working as a fractional or interim executive, I provide the insight, marketing leadership, and brand management of a seasoned senior-level executive without the fulltime or long-term overhead costs.

Services include:

  • Marketing Team Development / Right-sizing
  • Marketing & Sales Lead Management & Process Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Planning
  • Corporate Positioning & Communications
  • Investor Fund-raising / M&A / Exit Communications Strategy

Learn More

You can see my full background on my LinkedIn profile (and connect with me if you haven’t).

If you’d like to chat with me about your own goals and how I might be able to help, please give me a call or complete the form below.

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