14 11, 2013

My Grandpa Box and Me

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My latest blog for AirPatrol: There’s a generational gap in the Internet and I might be on the wrong side of the canyon. Greetings from my “Grandpa Box.” If you're wondering if that’s a term for some sort of geriatric storage container, no, it’s not. It’s what my 23 year-old son calls my year-and-a-half old [...]

13 06, 2013

5 Over-hyped Retailer Trends Miss the Mark with Shoppers | Retail Trends | RIS News: Business/Technology Insights for Retail, Supermarket Executives

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What's in your Shopping Basket? Some people call me curmudgeonly, but the truth is I'm old enough and have been in this business long enough to know when the latest "it" thing is either an old idea wrapped in a new package or ridiculous speculation. Personally, I go with my gut and a [...]

4 06, 2013

Vegetarians Live Longer Than Meat Eaters… Not Really

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An example how the media and out-of-context statistics create the wrong impression Can you hear it? All those scraggly, self-righteous vegetarians squealing "I told you so! I told you so!" to all of their carnivorous friends over the recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Assocation announcing "Vegetarians Live Longer Than Meat Eaters." [...]

24 05, 2013

Google’s Search Market Share Drops as Bing Passes 17%

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Google's search market share dropped slightly once again (from March’s 67.1 percent to 66.5 percent), with Bing and Yahoo slightly edging up. Microsoft's Bing saw the biggest increase with a total search market share of 17.3 percent. Don't ditch your Google AdWords campaigns for Bing yet, the headline is misleading. Google's percentage of search is [...]

15 04, 2013

Who uses Social Media — The demographics

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Docstoc has an infographic based on Pew Research's study of the demographic profiles of the various social media platforms. Some of the info is obvious (women use social media at a higher rate than men, city-dwellers use it more than countryfolk), but other info is kind of surprising. The interesting takeaways for me: The percentage [...]

4 04, 2013

I don’t get Instagram

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When my mom was in high school back in the late 50's they had these things called "Sadie Hawkins" dances where everyone would dress up like hillbillies from the 30's and the girls would do crazy things like ask boys out. Then they went back to dressing like normal people. When I was in high [...]

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