A few of the more common Q’s I get:

What’s your background?

As I mentioned above, I have a degree in Journalism. (I also almost had a degree in biology, but flaked out one semester shy of B.S. after deciding that I hated biology.) Early on I wrote for a lot of little crappy newspapers (and some larger crappy ones too) before getting a job in an ad agency as a copywriter (more money). In 1985 I jumped to a PR job at a company making business software for something called an IBM PC (again, more money). Did that for a few years before moving on to a full-fledged marketing job at another software company in the then-booming desktop publishing biz. Moved up through the ranks there and in 1991 got hired director of marketing for a multimedia software startup… which quickly pissed through all it’s financing and got acquired in under a year (my first experience in Venture Capital). Moved on to start U.S. division of a German software company that was producing fonts (back when fonts were a big deal and people paid a lot of money for them). Sold that company a couple of years later (learning what not to do in an acquisition if you want to make any money) and became a PR and marketing consultant for software startups. In 1997 I joined a completely unknown software company producing porn filtering software and stayed there as director of marketing until it went public as this company in 2000 (my first experience in an IPO and a beautiful thing called “stock options”). After that I formed Blunt and spent the first couple of years mostly working for VCs with software startups that spent all their investment money without generating any results (unless you count a $6 million SuperBowl ad as a “result”). Now that most of those dot bombs have been trimmed down, turned around, bought and/or liquidated, I ‘m doing work again with software startups—primarily in wireless, entertainment, and consumer apps (corporate software spending ain’t what it used to be). These days companies (and their investors) are a lot more interested in spending their money on things that generate results, making my approach to marketing all the more in demand.

Who are some of the companies you’ve worked with?

Unfortunately, I’m under non-disclosure with just about all the companies for whom I do work. As such, I don’t post their names here. (Did that one time and got a lovely letter from an attorney regarding “endorsements” and his client’s “confidentiality”, “trade secrets”, blah blah blah) If we talk, I can give you the names of a few references and you can talk to those companies/individuals about my services directly.

Do you work on retainer or hourly?

I work on a per-job basis. That is, you give me the scope of work and I’ll give you a cost. That way you know what it is you’re going to get and what it will cost, and I know what I’m going to deliver.

Do you ever do long term assignments?

As in working for you month in and month out on whatever comes up? No, I don’t. I’ll be happy to work with you on all kinds of jobs, but I like the limits the per-job model offers. Besides, if I do it right (and I always do), eventually you won’t need me anymore because you’ll be able to do this stuff yourself. With a per-job situation you won’t have to worry about me feeling sad and betrayed and wondering where our relationship went wrong.

What services do you offer?

There’s a list of services here. It’s not exhaustive, so if you don’t see it there, you can always ask.