If it tastes better, it’s probably better for you

I’ve never done a scientific study, but I have always held to the logic “if it’s existed for most of humanity’s time on Earth, there’s probably are reason.” Here’s an example from author Mark Schatzker on food and why every dietary boogeyman is bogus.

For more than 50 years, our food has been getting blander—but the best diets turn out to also be delicious

For nearly a half century, America has been on a witch hunt to find the ingredient that is making us fat. In the 1980s, the culprit was fat itself. Next it was carbs. Today, sugar is the enemy—unless you’re caught up in the war on gluten.

And none of it has worked. Obesity is now closing in on smoking as our No. 1 preventable cause of death. The U.S. has rarely failed at anything the way it has failed at weight loss.

Perhaps that is because we’re missing a crucial piece of the food puzzle. Oddly enough, all those diet gurus and bureaucrats hardly ever ask the simplest question: How does it taste? We’ve fixated on what food does inside the body, but we’ve almost totally ignored why it gets there in the first place. Even a child knows: We eat because food is delicious.

Read the full article over at the Wall Street Journal here.

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