10 Food Lies We’ve All Been Fed

Way back in my starry-eyed youth I used to work for what had to be the most jaded newspaper editor in the history of journalism. Other than “you’re an idiot, now get out of my sight,” one of his favorite sayings was “you can wrap cat turds in ribbon, call it French Chocolate and 100 dipshits will kill each other to be the first to pay you $50 for a whole box.”

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Not a Bass; never been to Chili
Not a Bass; never been to Chili

His point, as I later learned (and turned into a career), was that most stuff is crap, but if you put a good story to it, people will happily pay good money for it. This story from Neatorama reminded me of that.

“If you thought pink slime in your burger was bad, wait till you hear about meat glue in your steak. Meat glue, or an enzyme called transglutaminase, binds protein together. It is often used in the food industry to stick together scraps of meat into prime cuts of steak. After the meat is cooked, you can’t tell the difference…”

Mmm… Meat glue.

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