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What's in your Shopping Basket?
What’s in your Shopping Basket?

Some people call me curmudgeonly, but the truth is I’m old enough and have been in this business long enough to know when the latest "it" thing is either an old idea wrapped in a new package or ridiculous speculation. Personally, I go with my gut and a rational sense of "there’s a reason we do it like this and it’s not because we didn’t have some phone app before," but it’s nice to know that there’s actual research being done that backs me up.

The below is from retail researcher Cognizant, and it pretty much confirms that mobile devices and technology are changing retailing, but it’s an evolution, not a revolution.

Technology is cool, but shoppers want service. Retailers need to modernize and respond to industry and consumer trends with an array of shopping and fulfillment options, but shoppers also want the basics.

Everyone in the business should keep in mind that humans have been "shopping" for 100’s of thousands of years and have developed certain habits and proclivities that no phone, no matter how smart, is going to change.

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