google+ logoA hat tip to Mike Allton of The Social Media Hat, who took the time to explain a fairly unknown feature of Google+ — Google+ Ripples — quite nicely.

If you’re not familiar with Ripples, it’s a nifty extension of Google+ that lets you see who’s sharing you’re posts and what happens after someone clicks that “+1” button (like ripples in the water). For those not in marketing, PR or another communicatons field, Ripples may just be a bit of ego surfing (it’s cool, we all do it), but for those of us trying to figure out who the most influential sharers are and how far those ripples extend, it’s really useful.

Now, if I could just combine Ripples with Web logs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Instagram stats without having to spend an ungodly amount of time doing it, I’d be golden. (A guy can dream.)

Click here to read Mike’s article.